Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Hello - Fall layout for Paperhaus Magazine

This fall I have the pleasure of attending several crops and I always plan to pack light for these events, but it never happens and I always pack way more than I would ever need, but I hate to sit there and only think about the things I left at home, which means I am not the best to give advice on how to pack for crops...  However I have one little thing I do to jumpstart the creative at the crop/event after my shopping round is done. (In the beginning of october I was at en event with 13 (!) scrap stores under one roof....)  and that actually starts at home. I  make a lot of backgrounds in my favorite colors so I don't have to start from scratch - I can just pick one of the premade background and start creating. When I have more time before a crop I even pack things I might want to use for the layout in a crop bag.  If I don't have time I start the process at the crop by picking out stuff for the layout and just pile them in a crop bag - I don't always start the layout right away - I let the creative process continue in the back of my head and jump to the next project and do the same.   My step three is actually finish the project and then it can go pretty quickly. This was cut and mounted to the paper in about 30 minutes.... (I had a deadline..... )  What you don't see under the photo is that I have stapled all the layers together and to the white cardstock. 

This layout was made for a challenge and in our goodie bags we got some mosaic squares and they had to used on our layouts.  The mosaic came in all kinds of colors, but I choose the brown and orange ones to go with my fall theme.  I was also lucky enough to have premade the background with a stencil that the squares fit perfectly in...  Using these kind of things make you think how much other things at home you could use for a layout and I have used one other such thing on my layout.  If you see the brown fabric under the Hello wood title, that thing used to be on a newspaper holder, but I loved the faux mocca so much that I cut it out and saved it. So my challenge for you is to use old clothes or stuff from your home to use on your layout. 

Being on a deadline and having prepared some in advance made my weekend pretty productive. A total of 7 layouts and 1 card. I am not a very fast scrapper, it takes time to focus and keeping my inspiration for so long.  If I hadn't made these preparations I don't think I would have made more thand 2-3 layouts inbetween all the shopping and chatting to the 80 other participants and hundreds of visitors to the event.   My last tip to you is that don't think that you HAVE TO finish a project in just one go, it's actually a very good idea to take breaks between the different parts of the process. 


  1. It's beautifull. I would make it on 3D tape, because everything for me must be 3D, but yours LO needs nothing else. Looks just perfect!

  2. aaaah.. TAKK for at jeg har rotet meg inn paa bloggen din! ENDELIG noen som har slike bakgrunner jeg oever meg paa! FANTASTISK fine! Ogsaa de bildene du bruker! DU skal i favorittlisten min. Jeg sikler etter en videotutorial av hvordan du lager bakgrunnene dine. Ser noen trinn i en artikkel om deg inne paa scrappeland, men sikler fortsatt etter en video. :D Gleder meg maassse til aa snoke rundt i bloggen din!!

    Klem fra Australia :)

  3. Such a darling photo and an absolutely beautiful page! I love your work so much, Christin!

  4. Going to pin this one!!! What a fabulous page!!

  5. This LO is absolutely GORGEOUS I love all of the layers!