Thursday, June 26, 2014

Two peas closing

Sharing my FB post..

Inspired by others to make a screen shot of my Twopeas account while it's still there. I can't say that I was very active in the forum, it says 16 posts and almost 200 public projects, but the gallery was a great inspiration for me - especially the first years as a scrapper before I dared to go to crops and join forums and step out of anonymity. Pre-Pinterest i downloaded hundreds of layouts to my computer hoping I some day would be able to make anything as good.
I was also lucky enough to have a few projects picked out as a featured project -last one was just 1 month ago...

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  1. This one is sad for me as I had been shopping at 2 peas for 15 years! Yup! I have tons of stuff in my stash hoarded from their warehouse sales too (rob and bob studios) and probably 200 little jars of beads and glitter from art institute that I bought from 2 peas. I too have hundreds of downloads pre Pinterest. This is very sad news in addition to ALL the projects that will be lost when the site closes.