Thursday, July 2, 2015

Scraproom June 2015

Hi and welcome to a little tour of my scraproom. I actually have a pretty big scraproom, which I share with my kids. They have a little corner behind a large Expedit with a TV and games. While it is big, it's not very bright, I have only a few windows and the two in my corner are both placed under bay windows so I don't get much natural lights. In the ceiling I have one big white lamp, and waiting for another one to be installed. All the furniture in my room except my two big tables are from Ikea. What else to expect from a Scandinavian.....

Here is where I sit and scrap beside my computer

The desk to my left is where the kids sit and draw and craft. They have a few shelve and boxes with crayons, pictures and papers if they want to sit and craft.

To my right I have more Ribba picture ledges with buttons, some paint, ribbon and paper clips. Here I also have a Alex drawer that holds more paint, some stamp pads and embossing powder (I also have paint on my table - see above)

More to the right I have a table that is lifted, here I have one of my printer (A3+), scanner and in my Expedit that is placed in the middle of the room I store my albums, and in a lot of the boxes I have layouts that are just piled waiting to be put into albums. The same goes for the white and black boxes on top of the Expedit, also layouts in plastic folders.

Furthers to the left from my scrap table I have a few more shelves and Malm Drawers. On top of the drawers I store my most recent papers, in the smaller boxes I have 6x6 papers.

In the drawers I am starting to get some order, I have Thickers, stamps, yarn, dies ++ in them.

The last thing I want to share with you is how I store my Pinkfresh studio stuff (except the papers) I like to have things so I can see them.

Last a few pics with my Iphone

Thank you for visiting my scraproom.


  1. is amazing, so beautiful, i love it the blank color in the scraproom ;)

  2. OMG Is this what heaven looks like? I wouldn't want to leave if i was in there =]

  3. WOW! amazing, studio dream!:)

  4. Your space is amazing! So inspiring!

  5. WOW Kristin!! :D Fantastisk flott scrapperom du har!!! :D Så velorganisert og koselig! ;)

  6. Helt fantastisk... Kjenner at om jeg ikke drømte om et eget scrapperom fra før av så gjør jeg det iallefall nå ;-)
    Kos deg masse med det herlige rommet ditt :-)

  7. Så underbart fint och mysig du har det. Sann inspiration !

  8. Wow, snakk om draumerom :-)
    Kjempe lekkert og godt organisert :-)

  9. amazing room !! love love love IKEA. you have it well set up