Thursday, January 22, 2015

Goals for 2015

The last months have been quiet here on the blog and I have been making a lot less layouts than usual. Instead I have been knitting and doing other things. Haven't had the same amount of time to sit in my scraproom, but I wanted things to do.

I had fun decorating for a New Years party, so I decided to try to make a Valentine table, papers from Pink Paislee - Bella Rouge. I even decorated the plates - with nailpolish. I hope I can inspire you to go a little outside your comfort zone or normal scrap routine with this.    (I even baked chocolate muffins for the photos..  I got my husband to buy some pink candy for the photo. Can you see the FIVE square sweets, well that was what he bought.....

Here are my non-scrapbook related projects from the last month.  I have been knitting more than I show here, but have no photos.  The grey and white chevron is a pillow in progress. I made lots of bags to have silica gel to have in cars to absorb moist.  I made two skirts for my 5 year old, and lots of hats.

Here are a few of my hats. Avengers, Anna and Elsa from Frost and Minecraft.

In the first project I showed nailpolish plates. I planned to make glasses and stuff with nail polish as Christmas presents, but some of the nailpolish didn't really stick so I had to find something last minute, but they look cool enough in my scraproom....

Lastly I have painted different things in my scraproom, will show that later. 

To sum it up, I ended 2014 by crrafting more and I intend to continue to. I hadn't knitted in 20 years and had forgot how fun it was.  I have also bought some fabric (wished it wasn't impossible to get fun fabric here) so I will be sewing more in 2015.  I did make a skirt and a dress last year. 


  1. Very cool! I love the nail polish effect. I really want to try it. I saw it done before & can't remember the details of how it was done. Would love to see a Youtube video for the technique. So if you are looking for ideas for videos there is one from me! I wish someone had taught me how to knit. Your knitting looks very advanced. I love the chevron cushion cover. Awesome!! I have also been doing a bit of sewing lately but no room for my machine out so it is all put away now. I am so desperate for some more space...

  2. I love those crown thingies with the muffins in it. Where are those from if you don't mind me asking?

  3. The nail polish swirling is beautiful as well as your knit work.

  4. How fun! Love everything the hats are so cute and the plates are really cool!