Monday, July 21, 2014

My FIRST PL 12x12 spread made for Inzpira magazine

I have made a few 8x6 PL spread, but I have stayed away from 12x12 until now, the reason is that I haven't found a good way to take my style and move it into 12x12. I want all my work to have my signature and I haven't found that for PL yet...  So this tutorial..... Yes - I made my very first PL as a tutorial for Inzpira magazine... isn't really my style, but I hope to find it in a short while - because I am working on something PL for August, just wait and see.

It’s been 9 years since my wedding and I still have lots of photos lying around from that day, waiting to be dealt with. If you are in a Wedding Mood or like me, have gotten married years ago and want to do something about all your photos then Project Life or Pocket Scrapbooking, it’s something for you. There are a million of different kits out there you can buy, but what also can be fun is to mix those kits with all that stash that you have been hanging on to for years.

1) First you choose the kind of pockets you want, I have chosen two different ones from Becky Higgins.

2) To make your own transparent journaling cards, you need a corner punch, a transparent paper and a transparent sticker. Cut the plastic a little smaller than 3x4 inches, use the corner punch and stick the adhesive doily to the plastic.

3) You can also get printed transparent papers called overlays, so here you again cut it in a little smaller than 3x4 inches for them to fit in the pocket.

4) To make you own paper journaling cards you can use a 3x4 punch by W R Memory Keepers or a die in the same size and use a paper that have been lying around forever. The paper used here have been lying unused since 2009 (the same goes for the printed transparent paper)

5) Fill the pockets with photos, homemade cards, and journaling cards you have bought. If you have many photos in different tones of color – edit your photos In black and white or sepia. 
6) To photograph you pocket pages take out all the journaling cards and photos.

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