Saturday, June 21, 2014

Me @ One - for

Today I am sharing a layout I have made for the blog.

My kids loves to look through the layouts that I have scrapped with them. I actually emphasize WITH and not FOR, because I don’t scrap to just capture every memory or just document their lives, I scrap to enjoy myself with papers. Back to the point… When they look through all the albums (well most of the layouts are still piled up in boxes..) they often wonder how I looked when I was little. They ask – did I look like you when you were small, mom ?? So I decided to make a layout of myself from when I was little.

When I started scrapbooking some 11 years ago – my plan was actually to scrap my own baby pictures – I didn't want to take my parents albums with me – I thought they belonged there – so I scanned my old pictures in order to scrap them. I even bought lots of cute babystuff to use on double layouts. I never got to it, and somewhere deep under stuff are those old papers and decorations – never used. They look cute – but they are not me – now – when I scrap.

I love to use mist when I scrap, but you will hardly ever find a page where I actually use it to spray. The first way I use it is almost as I would use watercolors. I start with adding a layer of clear gesso. The clear gesso give a very different texture than white gesso and it doesn't give the white cardstock a yellow ting. While mist almost runs off white gesso – the clear gesso sucks the color right in. I used a water brush to add water and spread out the drops of mists. When it all dried I added drops of mist. If you add drops of mist before it has dried – you will get an ice crystal effect – the color will spread out like an ice crystal. Then my tons of layers were added, in the same colors as the mist. I actually picked out a lot of the papers and embellishments AFTER I picked out the Mister Huey mists. My biggest secret when it comes to scrapping is to staple the layers. That is what gives me the freedom to add small pieces in between here and there.

Here is the link to the post in the Shimelle blog.


  1. So beautiful, Christin! Love these colors, layers and your cute photo:)

  2. Åh vad fin! Den är helt perfekt. :-)