Thursday, November 21, 2013

My Creative Scrapbook November kit tutorials

Todays post shows the tutorials I have made for My Creative Scrapbook using the November main kit.

I guess many of you have some old stitching templates lying around- I know I do - I have had this once since 2008.....  and with stitching being trendy again - why not pull them out. 

You need the template, some floss or embroidery thread (4 of 6 threads), a sharp thing to make the holes and something soft under the paper where you make the hole - I used some old foam. 

First you place the template where you want to be and start making holes.

With such a dark paper it's not very easy to find the holes so put the template over several times to find the holes  and start stitching. 

Here is the finished stitches. 

Here with picture over the stiches.

Thought I would also show you the background made with a template and gold paint.

Finished layout

Have fun with leaves - for the next layout I want to show you to have some fun with dies with leaves.

First you cut out lots of leaves in different sizes

Then you bend the edges a little

Then you pile them all together and staple them to the cardstock

Next thing is to cut out pieces of the cardstock to stick in between the leaves.

 Like here

Finished result

A few closeups to show you to put stickers and chipboard in between too.

Here are my last two projects
Another layout

Gift bag


  1. These are all soo gorgeous. Love the warm colours in this kit. Thanks for sharing all your hints and tips too. I always love seeing how people put their layouts together :-)

  2. Ooh, just look at these! They are amazing! <3

  3. Очень просто и очень красиво. Спасибо за МК.