Monday, August 19, 2013

Special Guest Designer Inkido

Jeg er så heldig å være gjest hos Inkido nå i høst og her er min presentasjon og første inlegg for høsten. 

My presentation at Inkido. 

Who am I ? My name is Christin Grønnslett. 39 years old, lives in Norway with husband and two kids (6 and almost 4)  My blog: I am one of those night owl scrappers. Every evening when the kids are asleep, I sneak down to my scrapcave way in the basement and scrap. If you look at my pages there are a few things that easily points to me. I mostly scrap using a white cardstock, I use stencils and stamps with distress inks, doilies are present and I use several layers, but most important - I am allergic to using up a whole page  so you will always se a lot of white space.  I am no documentation scrapper, allthough I often use my own handwriting. I love just capture different facial expressions as the kids grow older. 

If you want to know more about my creative process, you can go back to my May post 

"Huske" is the name of this project - with a picture of my 3 year old in the swing the garden. She is not happy - I am not giving her a push - I am just photographing her - not very popular....

If you see the two projects in the other post you can see that I first used color products, stamps, stencils and THEN added my layers of paper, well, here I have done a mix of those two layering techniques.  Here is my thoughts on the different techniques: If you prefer a rather flat layering style and no big flowers and want to have room for a lot of pages in your albums I would recommend using this approach which goes as follows.  Glue down every layer on top of each other, leaving not much air between the layers, stamps, stencil and add gesso ON TOP of all the layers, and then add the picture and decorations.  This style is very common in Eastern Europe and if you are familiar with especially polish scrappers you would see this style.   Then there is the style in which I am most familiar. You do all the color work on the page before you start adding layers, and then staple the layers giving the papers a lot of air to tuck things in between. 3d adhesive is commonly used too. 

Products used

Beautiful Pink (30) Pink Butterflies (30)Pink blossom (25)
PP Tiffany Jewels clear (6)Mulberry leaf light brown (200)Mulberry rose XL cerise (100)Pink Mix Rhinestones (20)PP Fashion Flowers blue (6)


  1. KUL, du dyker upp lite överallt - spännande!!! Har du sett mitt mail ang. Flinken?! Behöver kontakt eftersom vi ska göra tidschema i veckan :-) Kramiz Kada

  2. I love this one! I think you did a really excellent job with the Inkido products!!