Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Snøfri vinter på Tjøme - CC Scrapgalen

Denne utfordringen på CCen var også en skisse av Webmosterhelene.

Her er min layout til denne.

ZVA Creative produkter jeg har brukt:

Triumph - Pink/Rosy Crystal - Unit of 6 Pkgs 2.5" Dual- Flowers - White & Dusky Pink - Unit of 6 Pkgs
[CRB-04CB-103 Triumph -
Pink/Rosy Crystal]
[FL-04CA-128 2.5"
Dual- Flowers - Dusky Pink]

Her er skissen.

scrapgalen cc feb2012


  1. Gorgeous! Love the white and touches of soft pink!!!

  2. I love how you did the strip of photos. And the pink swirl is just gorgeous!

  3. You and Zva are a match made in Heaven Christin :)

  4. Beautiful layout, love the swirl of gems :)

  5. Hello, I have just started my blog, and have come across yours via creative scrappers.
    Your pages are gorgeous and I love your style. I have just become a follower and I will be back to see more of your beautiful creations.
    Janice Nicholls :) x

  6. Oops not sure where the "and garden" came from. oh well never mind. :)