Friday, March 14, 2014

Happy - 2012

Updated post.

Christin here, last month I showed you how to made a layout with lots of mixed media for My Creative Scrapbook, this month I will give to a quick video to show how to layer in 15 minutes. I have speeded it up a little, so it's only a little under 4 minutes.

I started to pick out a few papers and you will see that I just cut pieces of papers with a pair of scissors to show that as long as you add several layers you can't go wrong with cutting paper.

Here is the video


Finished layout.

Here are the rest of my layouts this month - previously shown on my post.

Here's the March Main Kit:


  1. Bare digger måte du monterer alt på: stiftemaskin & tape er liksom alt :-)
    Lekker layout!

  2. Christin Thats was awesome!!! You are the queen of layering, love your work

  3. Christin Thats was awesome, love your word you are the queen of layering!!! Thanks for the video

  4. I so love your style! I admire your layering & use of colour. Using the stapler was such a brilliant idea, I will certainly be trying that in the future...thanks for sharing.